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Deputy Technical Chief of Party and Senior Training Advisor


Locations: Bethesda, MD


Period of Performance: Approximately two years; project scheduled to end October 2018


Training Resources Group, Inc.

Training Resources Group, Inc. (TRG) is an employee-owned consulting firm based in Arlington, Virginia. TRG provides organizational development and training services for U.S. government agencies, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and private sector/commercial clients. 


Program Background:

Africa Lead II is one of USAID’s primary capacity building programs in sub Saharan Africa. The program works to help realize Feed the Future (FTF) and the African Union’s Comprehensive Africa Agriculture Development Program (CAADP) and the 2014 Malabo Declaration goals of reduced hunger and poverty by building the capacity of champions, institutions and stakeholders to develop, lead and manage the structures needed for African-led agriculture transformation.


A five-year program begun in 2013, Africa Lead II builds on the success of the predecessor capacity building program (Africa Lead) and works with countries and regions to develop strategic long-term activities to strengthen African policy makers and decision-makers, institutions, and non-state actors (NSAs), including the private sector at the forefront of increased agricultural productivity and food security for the continent.


The Africa Lead II Program maintains program teams and offices in Washington D.C., Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, Tanzania and DRCongo. Program activities are driven by buy-ins from various USAID/Washington Offices and USAID Regional and Bilateral Missions in Feed the Future countries.


Africa Lead II is organized around three strategic areas:

  1. Improved institutional capacity
  2. Strengthened management of policy change and alignment processes
  3. Enhanced capacity and engagement of NSAs, including the private sector and civil society


The Africa Lead Deputy Technical Chief of Party and Senior Training Advisor takes primary responsibility for overall coordination between USAID’s Bureau of Food Security (BFS) and the various CAADP and Malabo initiatives being implemented at the continental, regional and country levels that support the project’s three strategic areas and the Malabo commitments.  The position is funded by USAID/BFS buy-ins and is responsible for the coordination of activities that respond to requests for improved institutional capacity, policy change and alignment processes, and enhanced capacity of Non-State Actors (NSAs), including agribusiness and civil society. The position also includes responsibility for coordination of technical activities that are implemented across Africa Lead’s regional offices to ensure cohesion in approach and focus between USAID regional and bilateral buy-ins and USAID/BFS buy-ins.  The position is based at the project headquarters in Bethesda, MD, USA


Primary Roles and Responsibilities:

  1. The Deputy Technical Chief of Party role is to support implementation of CAADP and the Malabo Declaration commitments through the following coordination and management efforts:
  • Internal Africa Lead coordination among Africa Lead II headquarters and regional offices
  • Provide oversight of technical and support staff working in the Africa Lead home office in Bethesda, including participating in performance reviews.  This includes internal coordination and integration of programs at HQ and across regional programs to ensure that technical and support staff are aware of USAID/BFS directives and their impact on AL’s regional office programs.
  • Coordination with donors and key development partners to support the roll-out of CAADP and Malabo initiatives across the continent, especially within Feed the Future countries.  Partners include USAID’s Bureau for Food Security (BFS) clients and stakeholders and key African continental and regional organizations (African Union Commission’s Department of Rural Economy and Agriculture (AUC/DREA), NEPAD/NPCA, New Alliance for Food Security and Nutrition, Grow Africa, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI)/ReSAKSS, AGRA, ECOWAS and others) and key development partners (World Bank, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, New Alliance Working Group – G7 nations, and others)
  • Manage implementation of key USAID BFS Policy team and BFS Global Engagement and Strategy team initiatives supported through Africa Lead buy-ins that are related to the following major CAADP and Malabo initiatives
    • Manage the Africa Lead support to the New Alliance team at the AUC (workplans, liaison with USAID and G7 country reps)
    • Manage support of the Joint New Alliance/ Grow Africa Annual Progress Report process
      • Participate in working group of AUC/New Alliance team and G7 donors, non-state actors and ReSAKSS on the design and processes required to develop the annual report 
      • Collaborate with IFPRI/ReSAKSS on facilitation of 10 country validation workshops
      • Provide support for finalization and editing of the document, as requested and approved by USAID
    • Manage support of National Agriculture Investment Plan (NAIP) reviews and revisions in USAID Feed the Future countries 
    • In collaboration with IFPRI, oversee the development of the Institutional Architecture Assessment tools for the NAIP toolkit and participate as a member of the IAA taskforce to design and deliver training on IAA tools to countries
    • Manage and provide context and technical support to the consultant team charged with the formation of seven Technical Networks that will provide technical resources to countries to review / revise their NAIPs and align country policies with the Malabo Declaration
    • Manage support of and participate in the design of the roll-out of the Biennial Review Process to report to Heads of State on their countries progress in meeting Malabo commitments 
  • Representational responsibilities include participation in high-level, continental and regional level workshops and working group sessions to support USAID’s role is supporting Malabo and CAADP at the continental level.
  • Respond to short-notice requests to deliver technical assistance and/or event support in Washington D.C. and various African countries, including development of Concept Notes, Scopes of Work, and Job Descriptions and Budgets for technical assistance support and event facilitation.
  • Consult and advise Knowledge, Learning and Communications as well as Monitoring and Evaluation teams in Bethesda, Accra, and Nairobi on metrics to track agriculture and food security policy processes, and support collection and analysis of such data.


  1. The role of the Senior Training Advisor is to
  • Provide design and facilitation assistance to agriculture policy learning events for various audiences in Africa and the U.S. including government officials, USAID staff, and Non-State Actors (private sector associations, civil society organizations, farmer groups, women’s groups, youth groups, etc.), ensuring that adult education techniques and methods (especially the Experiential Learning Cycle) are incorporated into each design and that the learning events include an overview of CAADP, Malabo and country-specific country Agriculture Investment Plans.  
  • Lead efforts and coordinate roll-out of the new Advanced Training of Trainers course on Course Design, Coaching and Mentoring to entire cadre of Africa Lead trainers plus Africa Lead technical staff and other country stakeholders. 
    • Update USAID missions on availability of these trainers to work on AL and other technical OD and training programs
  • Coordinate with ESA (Kenya and Tanzania) and WA (Ghana, Senegal and DRC) regional office training / Organizational Development / Non-State Actor teams to ensure inclusion of Malabo / CAADP information in all training programs, workshops and seminars
  • Design / update training sessions on CAADP and Malabo – to include latest initiatives and programs being initiated by BFS, AUC/DREA and NEPAD/NPCA
  • Ensure that Malabo and CAADP-related overviews are integrated in all Champions for Change (C4C), advanced TOT, and CAADP Non-State Actor (CNC) sessions with local non-state actors
  • Organizational development expertise
    • Provide organizational development expertise for the design and implementation of Africa Lead Organizational Assessments (OCA and other organizational assessment tools). 
    • Provide support to the analysis of results and drafting of an organizational development strategy that addresses issues identified during the assessment phase.
    • Monitor the implementation and outcomes of organizational strengthening strategies and provide technical expertise and support as needed.

Qualifications, Abilities, and Education Requirements:

  • MS Degree in agriculture policy, organizational development, or related area.
  • 10 -15 years of experience working on international development programs with a focus on strengthening agricultural policy processes and capacity of organizations in Africa.
  • Experience working in Africa with government, private sector, and/or civil society entities at various levels: continental, regional, and national.
  • Familiarity with USAID’s Feed the Future Program, CAADP, the Malabo Declaration, IFPRI, and African Regions’ and Countries’ National Agriculture and Food Security Investment Plans.
  • Proven cross-cultural interpersonal skills and communications skills with multiple African organizations and institutions (public and private sector)
  • Organizational Development or Institutional Development experience with African agriculture institutions and organizations (public and/or private) at the continental or regional level
  • Experience designing and delivering experientially based training programs, workshops and conferences that focus on sensitization to agricultural policy in Africa and result in framing of specific action plans and next steps to implement following the training programs.
  • Willingness and availability to travel to Africa on 2-3 week assignments for a total of up to 4 months of travel per year.
  • Demonstrated ability in technical writing, especially related to agriculture topics.  
  • French fluency is a plus.


Application Instructions

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