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Country Director
Client: DKT International or follow DKT on Twitter @dktchangeslives
Location: Nigeria

Job Description

DKT International seeks a Country Director for start-up operations in Nigeria.  The successful candidate will establish a new entity and program to provide much-needed family planning products and services in Nigeria, developing strategies to ensure high levels of health impact and long-term sustainability.  The determination of the details and scope of how such a program will look will be part of the applicant’s assignment.

Management responsibilities:

  • Direct, manage, and implement the DKT Nigeria social marketing program to deliver demonstrated impact and results.
  • Develop strategies such as cross-subsidization to ensure financial sustainability through increased revenue generation.
  • Ensure successful launch of new reproductive health products
  • Lead the conceptualization and implementation of marketing, sales and behavior change campaigns for a range of products.
  • Direct and utilize various media: radio, TV, print, Internet, to reach people with much-needed information about family planning and HIV/AIDS.
  • Develop relationships with donors, government, others NGOs, and commercial businesses.
  • Develop and execute fundraising strategies to increase resource base.
  • Strengthen capacity of health care providers to provide affordable and effective family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention services.
  • Manage and report on all product sales and program activities on a monthly basis.


  • Demonstrated entrepreneurial experience in marketing and sales or social marketing programs.  Experience in creating high-quality teams and/or successfully scaling a business, nonprofit or social initiative is a plus.
  • Proven track record of financial management.  Ability to manage a budget and/or P&L.
  • Management experience in strategy development and marketing.  Ability to manage and relate well to staff from a developing country. 
  • Demonstrated ability to hire and provide oversight to staff and contract consultants as needed.
  • Conversant in issues of international public health (especially reproductive health)
  • Oral and written English skills required.
  • Previous experience in a developing country (especially Africa).
  • Willingness to be posted to other DKT offices at some point in the future.

The candidate must share DKTs enthusiasm for providing and promoting contraceptives in developing countries and should enjoy and be comfortable with all aspects of family planning and reproductive health, including abortion.  The ideal candidate may be transferred from one assignment to another country after four to five years.

The Country Director will oversee and execute all aspects of this start-up operation.  This position requires a person who is accustomed to and enjoys working largely on his/her own with minimal supervision, a person who likes to manage programs and be accountable for the results.  Should have strong time management, organizational, and relationship-building skills.  Candidates should be results oriented, success-driven, self-motivated, problem solving, comfortable with risk-taking, impatient with bureaucracy.  A very strong sense of ethics, honesty, and integrity are assumed. 

Company Description

Since 1989, the nonprofit organization DKT International has been promoting family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention through social marketing in the developing world.

DKT operates programs in 18 countries and, in 2011, provided and sold over 650 million condoms, 72 million cycles of oral contraceptives, 14 million injectable contraceptives,1 million IUDs, over 12 million misoprostol pills, and nearly 1 million medical abortion (mifepristone/ misoprostol) packs.  This served a total of 22 million couples, making DKT International one of the largest private providers of contraceptive products and services in the developing world.

DKT has been recognized as a nonprofit leader in the area of financial accountability and efficiency. In 2011, for the seventh consecutive year, DKT International was awarded a coveted 4 stars for financial efficiency by Charity Navigator. 

To Apply:

Applicants should send their resume/CV and cover letter detailing how you believe your skills and experiences meet the needs of the position and DKT. Please send your application at the earliest possible date to:
Jill Solomon, Senior Recruiter
Global Recruitment Specialists